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Hangar78 is the ideal location where you land, stop and take off with an enriched culinary knowledge thanks to this unique experience. Hangar78 is characterized by a complete range of classes both for amateurs and professionals and two forefronted rooms, the first one with 24 seats where you can attend to product demonstrations and presentations or lectures and the second room has 16 independent workstations, highly equipped with all needed tools.

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Diventa Master.

Tre mesi di alta formazione con i Grandi Maestri Internazionali.
Hangar78. Il laboratorio creativo dei maestri pasticceri che dà forma al vostro talento.

I nostri percorsi formativi nascono da un laboratorio internazionale di ricerca per l’innovazione della pasticceria.
Dal laboratorio nasce Hangar78, la scuola di Alta Formazione Creativa dove i risultati della ricerca vengono trasferiti ai gruppi di allievi in Workshop e Master di pratica artigianale.

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Hangar78 showroom is not only a store but also a place where try, share, test and verify tools, accessories and equipment.