Fabrizio Donatone

Fabrizio Donatone was born in 1976 in Campobasso and now he lives in Ciampino (Rome)
After his studies, Fabrizio discovered the art and the passion for pastry and he attended several courses at Casta Alimenti where he learnt from the greatest Italian and foreign master pastry chefs.
He participated to many competitions and won several national and international contests: gold medal, National Artistic Pastry champion and silver medal at the Cooking Opympics at Erfurt (Germany).
Fabrizio Donatone excels not only in the artistic sugar but he had also won several pastry awards such as the bronze medal in 2007 during the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie.
He owned “Pasticceria Perle” in Rome till 2013, when he decided to train himself with Emmanuele Forcone and Francesco Boccia for the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. In January 2015 they won and with the gold medal they received the award as Best Presentation Buffet.
Ampi honoured him with the title of Master AMPI ad Honorem.
Today Fabrizio is really a pastry chef tout-cour, he works as consultant as in Italy as abroad and he cooperates with the Cooking School Coquis in Rome.
According to Fabrizio: “Pastry is real alchemy made by: tastes, flavours, structures, temperatures, aesthetics; it is up to us find the right balance between them and create moments of pure pleasure though sweets.