Francesco Boccia

Francesco Boccia, following the family tradition, discover his passion for pastry at very young age. He attended the Institute for Hotel and Restaurant Administration in Ottaviano (Na). The passion for pastry and challenges pushed him to attend the “Food Technology” university course at Federico II University in Naples and to participate to several national and international contest.
At only 21 years old he won the “Junior Italian Championship of Pastry”. In 2010 he challenged himself with the “World Chocolate Masters”. He participated and won the first national selection and he was second at the Italian Finale.
In 2012 he participated at the Italian selection for the Pastry World Cup and he was awarded as Italian Pastry Champion for the best dessert. In 2013 he participated at the World Cup in Lyon where he was awarded with the bronze medal behind France and Japan. On January 2014 Francesco won the Italian Pastry Championship and he could accede to the World Championship Finale. On January 2015 he won with the Italian Team the World Pastry Championship in Lyon and he was rewarded with the “Vase de Sèvres” by the French President and with the “Innovation” prize by the organisation team.  In the occasion of the XXII Ampi Technical Symposium Francesco was declared “Accademico ad Honorem” for his merits and he became official member of the Italian Master Pastry Academy. In the same occasion he was awarded with the AMPI gold medal for his victory at the Pastry World Cup.